#ALMANACCARE: Acoustic Commons Study Group

Acoustic Commons Study Group: Memory Materials
29 November 2020
2-3:30 pm GMT

Free, booking required via this link

Acoustic Commons Study Group: Memory Materials is an online, chat-based meeting which will host responses to the subject matter of Burning House / Burning Horse, a poetic and sensorially-rich comment on our times conceived by feminist writer Ella Finer as part of our #almanaccare series.

Ella Finer’s Burning House / Burning Horse, which is available to watch here and to read here, will be discussed alongside readings cited in the piece, by kind permission of Anne McClintock and Nirmal Puwar, and trace elements from invited contributors: Tom Chick, Sheila Chukwulozie, R Justin Hunt, Lia Mazzari and Flora Pitrolo.

Acoustic Commons Study Group: Memory Materials is open to all as a peer-led space for thinking and learning together. If you have any access questions or requirements, please email us in advance at info@almanacprojects.com

The acoustic commons study group was developed by Ella Finer as a way of gathering diverse considerations of what a commons is in sonic terms. The study groups respond to the particular times and spaces they take place within; first invited and hosted by the Acoustic Commons, a collaborative project fostering initiatives using sound as a medium for making and exploring environmental connections.

Ella Finer’s work in sound and performance spans writing, composing, and curating with a particular interest in how women’s voices take up space; how bodies acoustically disrupt, challenge or change the order of who is allowed to occupy – command – space. Her research continuously queries the ownership of cultural expression through sound, informing a range of projects including her forthcoming book Acoustic Commons and the Wild Life of Sound.

The project is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.

Photo credit: Flora Pitrolo, 2020

Image description: Dried grass is being burned in a small fire, producing an elongated cloud of white smoke. On the right, a pair of old hands hold a bunch of dried grass to feed that fire. A young woman walks away from the fire while a cat looks at it. The scene is set in a Mediterranean mountainous landscape, with gentle slopes in the background.

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