Selected works



#ALMANACCARE – a curatorial collaboration with Almanac Projects, London/Turin

and previous ones

Writings for art magazines about/and artists:
Derek Jarman, Mousse;
Anna Mikkola’s video Ghost in the Climate (2019);
Imran Perretta, Mousse;
Gaia Fugazza’s show “Mirage, Déjà Vu, Then a parallel life”;
Charlie Fox, Mousse;
Margherita Raso, Flash Art Italia 343;
Giulia Cenci, Diego Marcon, Lydia Ourahmane, Megan Rooney, Flash Art Italia;
Beatriz Olabarrieta’s show “Ask the Dust”;
Andrea Magnani, Flash Art Italia;
Gianfranco Baruchello, Flash Art International;
Timothy Morton, Flash Art Italia;
Kerstin Brätsch / KAYA, Mousse;
Adam Cruces’ show “Rustic Murmur”;
Lito Kattou, Flash Art International;
Marguerite Humeau, Mousse;
Margherita Raso, Flash Art Italia;
Justin Fitzpatrick, Mousse;
Ilaria Vinci’s catalogue MOROSO CONCEPT for Contemporary Art;
Beatrice Bulgari, L’Officiel Art Italia;
Cecilia Alemani, Vivaverdi;
Edward Krasiński, Mousse;
16th Roma Quadriennale, Vivaverdi;
Morag Keil, Mousse.

Talks and in-conversations:
On writing reviews, Cornell University, Rome;
With Lito Kattou, “Mythopoesis as Resistance”, CASTRO, Rome;
With Melanie Jackson, Primary, Nottingham;
With SAGG Napoli, “demonstration #3”, Jupiter Woods, London.

Curatorial practice:
Housewarming (reading);
Stereotyper (reading group);
Momentum, issues #1 and #2 Intensity (journal);
St. James (group show).