ROUND TABLE: “Lilith, Akin, San, Ido, and others: Mythopoesis as Resistance”

Monday, 24th June 2019, 7-8 pm
Castro Projects
Piazza dei Ponziani, 8e

This roundtable discussion will explore those contemporary art and feminist speculative fiction practices which create stories with an emancipatory potential. Specifically, we will consider beings exceeding the anthropocentric paradigms of humanity, volume, and reality, as agents of political resistance. Among these bodies-at-large, there are Lilith and Akin, the characters from Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy, as well as images, sculptures, fictional characters, AI-generated things, planets, and so on. The aim is to create a space where to speculate with the desires, forces, and politics of such beings, by siding with them and asking: Which questions about the present times do these beings trigger? And how to participate in the strategies of resistance they articulate, in order to rewrite that very same present?

The panel, which I will moderate, includes Lito Kattou, Artist, and Veronica Raimo, Writer and Translator.

More info here:

Pic: Lito Kattou, Mount K, T and J, 2019, Digital print on textile, textile hardener, custom made mounting tape, 180 x 140 cm, detail

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