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Conversation: “On Reframing the Frame: Imran Perretta”, Mousse

Talk: On writing reviews, Cornell University, Rome

Essay for Gaia Fugazza’s “Mirage, Déjà Vue, Then a parallel life”, 2019

Review: “On Monstering: ‘My Head Is a Haunted House’ at Sadie Coles HQ and ‘Dracula’s Wedding’ at Rodeo, London—Curated by Charlie Fox”, Mousse

Round table: “Lilith, Akin, San, Ido, and others: Mythopoesis as Resistance”

Essay: “Margherita Raso”, Flash Art Italia 343 / March – April 2019

Reading Group: Stereotyper

Review: “Curva Blu 2018 / Favignana”, Flash Art Italia


Essay for Beatriz Olabarrieta’s solo show at Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara (CA)

Armada presents Isabella Costabile and Emiliano Furia

Review: Iperoggetti: Filosofia ed ecologia dopo la fine del mondo di Timothy Morton”, Flash Art Italia

Review: “Kerstin Brätsch_Ruine / KAYA_KOVO at Fondazione Memmo, Rome,” Mousse Magazine

In Conversation: Melanie Jackson

Armada presents Marco Conoci

Essay for Adam Cruces’ solo show at Giorgio Galotti, Turin

Review: “Andrea Magnani at Giorgio Galotti, Turin,” Flash Art Italia

Review: “Gianfranco Baruchello at Raven Row, London”, Flash Art International

Review: “Marguerite Humeau at Tate Britain, London”, Mousse Magazine

Review: “Lito Kattou at Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens”, Flash Art International


Review: “Gianfranco Baruchello at Raven Row, London”, Flash Art Italia

Review: “Margherita Raso at Fanta Spazio, Milan”, Flash Art Italia

Armada presents Gerasimos Floratos

Book: “Gianfranco Baruchello: Archive of Moving Images 1960-2016”, Mousse Publishing

Armada presents Ilaria Vinci

Review: “Justin Fitzpatrick at Seventeen Gallery, London”, Mousse Magazine

Talk: SAGG Napoli’s demonstration #3, Jupiter Woods, London

Armada presents Jaya Howey


Essay for Ilaria Vinci / MOROSO CONCEPT for Contemporary Art 2017

Profile: “Beatrice Bulgari”, L’Officiel Art Italia

Armada presents 1-0-2: Eugenio Barbieri by Dario Guccio and Davide Stucchi

Carnet de miart: The 5th Issue

Interview: “Cecilia Alemani”, SIAE/Vivaverdi

Carnet de miart: The 4th Issue

Armada presents Massimo Vaschetto and Simone Menegoi in conversation

Armada presents Massimo Vaschetto

Carnet de miart: The 3rd Issue


Carnet de miart: The 2nd Issue

Armada presents Drumotor

Contribution for A/RRIVEDERCI ROMA

Review: “Edward Krasiński at Tate Liverpool”, Mousse Magazine

Review: “16th Art Quadriennale ‘Altri tempi, altri miti’ [Other times, other myths], Rome”, SIAE/Vivaverdi

Momentum: Issue #2 “Intensity” is now online

Review: “Morag Keil at Eden Eden, Berlin”, Mousse Magazine

Armada presents Marco Pio Mucci

Contribution for PANDO

Group show: “St. James”

Armada presents Andreas Dobler

Armada presents “Where Wild Flowers Grow”, a group show

Contribution for “KELLY BAR” organized by PANE project